How to Find an Agent

Many of my clients ask me how to find an agent. For many writers, this question is premature, especially if they are asking me before they’ve even finished their novel, but nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to be informed.  There are times when approaching an agent before you have a finished product would not be premature. For example, if you are a professional with lots of experience and are writing a non-fiction book, or if you have a book proposal ready, or if you have a unique memoir that is nearly done. However, if you are writing fiction and asking that question before you have a final draft in your hands, the question is probably premature because your efforts should be focused on finishing your book.

That said, there is a workshop over at Writer’s Digest University that might help demystify the process for you, so you feel prepared when the time comes that you are ready to start looking for an agent.

How to Find and Keep a Literary Agent Boot Camp

Writer’s Digest University
Online Course
Runs: Dec 12th, 2016 – Dec 14th, 2016

According to their website, the course covers such topics as:

  • What keeps an agent reading? What makes writing jump off the page?
  • What are the most common Chapter 1 mistakes that make them stop reviewing your submission?
  • What are the steps you need to give your query and manuscript the best possible shot?
  • What are the turn-ons and turn-offs when it comes to queries?
  • How do agents make judgment calls?

Let me know if you attend and what your thoughts were on it.

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