100-Day Writing Challenge

Can you write 200 words a day for 100 days?

Daily Writing Challenge - 100 Days of Writing

Your mission: Write 200 words a day for 100 days

An email course for those who want to challenge themselves to establish a consistent daily writing practice.

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  • Receive a writing prompt by email every single day for 100 days.
  • Sometimes you will get bonus prompts or challenges.
  • Your daily writing prompts will vary and will include prompts that:
    • Help you write better fiction or memoir scenes.
    • Encourage you to journal and self-explore.
    • Stimulate creativity.
  • Use the prompts to journal, write poetry, short stories, essays, or to write scenes for your fiction or nonfiction book. Some writers have used the prompts to get to know their characters.

You don’t have to write one story per day, just 200 words per day. Maybe you use the prompt, maybe you veer from the prompt. All that matters is that you write 200 words a day.

Why take a Writing Challenge?

Why challenge yourself to write every day for 100 days? And why is it so important to develop a consistent writing practice?

Good question. After working with plenty of private coaching clients, I know there are as many answers to this question as there are writers, but here is my take on the most important reasons:

  • If you want to eventually publish something, you need to develop the habit of acting like a professional writer. And professional writers treat their writing like a career rather than a hobby.
  • You need to amass as much material as possible. You need to catalog ideas, vignettes, storylines, scenes, poetry – whatever you like to write.
  • Writing heals and helps you grow. I’ve dug myself out of several major depressive episodes through writing, and I’ve known writers who have written their way through trauma and physical illnesses.

The Reward Option

If you are motivated by rewards, you can choose the reward option.

Reward Option: Write every single day of this 100-day writing challenge and get a steeply discounted 60-minute coaching session which includes reading and editing up to 15 pages ($200 value). You can use your discounted session within a year of signing up for the challenge.

Are you ready to generate 20,000 words in 100 days?

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  • Enjoy the writing challenge and commit to writing at least 200 words a day!

NOTE: Because we have so many people going through the challenge, we do not have time to read your daily writing. However, you can engage with other writers in our Facebook Group, the Online Coffee House for Writers.

If you signed up and missed the online form to fill out in order to get your daily emails, email Nicole at lawritersgroup@gmail.com, and I’ll send you the link after I verify your payment.

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