Success Stories

This is a partial list of Nicole’s clients who have been published.

Beware the Mermaids The Devil and Max Largent It's not a Rumour
Kicking Hitchin
Stay Sober and Save the World the Cave Woman Way

Recent Short Stories and Essays by Nicole’s Clients

Take Fountain: Finding Home Amongst LA’s Historic Buildings by Anne Sawyier, published in Slag Glass City.
Vigil by Katlyn Minard, published in Ligeia Magazine
Death in a Hollywood Edit Bay by Katlyn Minard, published in print by Train River. Read her interview online.
Séance by Katlyn Minard, published by Train River Capulet Mag
Golden Gate, a full-length stage play by Lindsey Kirchoff, endorsed by Terri Cheney, New York Times bestseller. Featured in Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco 2022 Spring Reading Series, winner of 2021 Durango PlayFest
The Sea Witch by Lindsey Kirchoff – Shortlisted in 2021 Fractured Lit $3,000 Fairy Tale contest judged by author Kevin Brockmeir and quarter-finalist for Ruminate Magazine 2022 Fiction Contest
Story Eater by Lindsey Kirchoff – Quarter-finalist for Ruminate Magazine 2022 Fiction Contest