Story Outlining Workshop

This workshop has ended. Please check out our writing workshops schedule page for currently scheduled workshops. 

Outline Your Story.

Story Outlining Workshop

Before we can build anything, we need to know what we are building and how to construct it. Learning how to plan a story is a skill often overlooked by passionate and eager new writers.

Creating an outline will not only improve the workflow of your writing process and bring you to a more satisfying first draft, but it can also potentially shorten the amount of time you spend rewriting.

I’ve designed this story outlining workshop to help writers through the places where they tend to get stuck in drafts because I see it so often in my private coaching practice.

You don’t have to write using an outline. No one requires this of you. In fact, there are very few steadfast requirements when it comes to writing a story, but there are many tools available that new writers are often not even aware exist. However, having a plan and structure in place will save you time and can result in a more professional manuscript.

In this six-week intensive outlining workshop, you will learn how to outline, and you will work on your outline during the workshop so that by the time you leave the class, you’ll have a solid plan so you can either finish your outline or start writing your first draft with confidence. Whether you have an idea in your head, or you are deep in the middle of your first draft, this workshop gives you the tools to navigate through your character’s story.

In this six-week story outlining workshop you will:

  • Develop your characters
  • Outline your story and gain the tools to outline any story
  • Learn three-act structure
  • Learn why outlining can be fun and creative
  • Identify the five major events in your main character’s journey and why those events are important
  • Receive personalized story analysis and coaching
  • Create a solid plan that breaks down your novel into manageable tasks
  • Receive compassionate support from fellow writers
  • As a bonus, on the last day, I go through the most common mistakes I see in manuscripts

Who Can Join?

Anyone with a story idea at any stage of the storytelling process, including novelists, memoirists, and screenwriters.

Time Commitment

This workshop occurs over six Thursdays with homework assignments in between sessions.  The homework could take 2 hours or more to complete each week.