About Us

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Nicole Criona is the current owner of LAwritersgroup.com, founded by Nicole and Sanora Bartels in 2003 as a small group of five writers who wanted to get together weekly, write, and get feedback.  As members moved away, we created a website to continue our flourishing creative expression, and the next thing we knew, people were emailing us to join our group. Soon the list became so big that we decided to create several different groups, and that was how Los Angeles Writers Group was born. We now offer a multitude of creative writing workshops as well as private and group coaching for writers. LAwritersgroup.com is now owned and run by Nicole Criona, while Sanora teaches people how to create amazing documentary films.

Our Mission

My mission is to support, encourage, and inspire writers of all genres, regardless of experience level. I’ve helped many writers get back into a creative flow, fill their pages with words, and complete drafts of memoir and fiction books, screenplays, stage plays, and teleplays. I firmly believe that everyone has something important to say and that every writer needs and deserves support, encouragement, and the tools necessary to write better stories.

I help writers generate new ideas, introduce them to essential craft tools, and offer the support they need to finish projects. I aim to leave writers with something tangible to show for their time: a page of new ideas, a new story, a rewritten outline, or a first draft.

How I Choose Leaders or Coaches

I work with exceptional group leaders and teachers who engage writers in a sensitive and supportive manner and provide a safe space for writers to expand and grow in their craft. I take my job of hiring exceptional workshop leaders seriously.

I select leaders who know their craft and who are passionate about working with aspiring writers. The leaders are experts in their field and have studied with some of our greatest literary minds. Some of the leaders have extensive credits to their names, while others are actively pursuing publication. Some have taught at traditional colleges and universities, and some in alternative teaching programs. What I’m most concerned about is how well they empathetically support aspiring writers. I do not believe in tough love when it comes to creativity.

I recommend all our leaders and coaches with the highest regard for their knowledge and, most importantly, their supportive nature.

About Workshops

I offer our collaborative workshops and writing groups online and in creative spaces in Los Angeles and San Diego.

I engage with writers through dynamic discussion and participation, not lectures. I want you to get your creative hands dirty. You’ll leave each workshop with a tangible piece of writing, new writing tools and ideas, and the confidence to keep writing. I also offer personalized small group and individual coaching sessions.

My workshops are not appropriate for kids.