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Pick up your pen and get writing again.

creative writing email course

Our Get Writing Again creative writing email course sends you a daily creative writing prompt and a daily coaching tip to get you back into the habit of writing.

The prompts vary from helping you explore why you haven’t been writing, learning new techniques, to having more creative fun with your writer’s notebook.

Additionally, you get a prompt every day to help you take actionable steps to establish a sustainable daily writing practice.

I designed the Get Writing Again creative writing email course with self-examination and creativity in mind to help writers re-establish creative play in their writer’s notebooks.  As a Coach for Writers who has helped many writers complete their first drafts, I’ve come up with methods and prompts that help writers discover why they haven’t been writing so they can look at themselves honestly and thereby unblock the path to moving toward a daily writing habit.

Through carefully chosen daily writing prompts and daily coaching steps, you will begin to challenge the story you’ve been telling yourself about your relationship to writing and explore what’s been holding you back from maintaining a daily writing practice.

Via your daily emails, you will:

  • Examine your relationship to writing.
  • Unpack and reframe the story you’ve been telling yourself.
  • Reevaluate where and when you write.
  • Make changes to your writing space.
  • Learn new ways to be creative on the page.
  • Help you find inspiration and source material.
  • Learn how to support and pick yourself back up during those times when you stop writing.
  • Learn how to set reasonable goals and coach yourself through your goals.
  • End up with fifteen days worth of new material to pull from and use to create stories, essays, scenes, or poetry.
  • Get a free PDF of the entire Get Writing Again program on the last day.

30-Minute Coaching Session Option

If you choose the coaching session option, you get a 30-minute coaching session via phone or online video conference. No selling, no obligation, just a 30-minute coaching session all about you and your writing.

When to schedule: Most people tend to schedule their coaching appointment halfway tough the challenge, or immediately following the 15 days.

Testimonials for the Get Writing Again Creative Writing Email Course

(formerly called The 15-Day Writing Challenge)

I’m loving the daily exercises. My writing MOJO is definitely flowing now! Thanks Nicole for your comforting support.

“You know, I’ve had numerous teachers throughout my creative life, at schools and academies, and I have been scarred for life by most of them. I truly have felt like a creative cripple for many years. However, I have never felt more nurtured and accepted than under your guidance during the 15 day writing course. That decision to complete the course has been the best decision in a long time. So, thank you.”

– Katherine M. 3/10/16

“It was a great experience and one that I needed. I haven’t picked up a ‘pen’ in a creative writing journey in many months. The 15 days motivated me to write and I’m glad to report that it’s only whet my appetite. I fell in love with the creative process again. Nicole, you’re awesome. I liked all of the prompts. Thank you, thank you.”

– Jacqueline K. – 1/20/16

“I began this workshop with lots of apprehension which was similar to how I tackled my writing, unfortunately. But, with your energy and tenacious daily prompts… I was able to defeat the writers block that I often found myself in! I’ve been writing everyday since your workshop and I’m happy to say that I have actually completed two articles that I am preparing to submit for publication! I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, professionalism, and mindful energy that you brought to this 15-Day challenge! I’m actually considering doing it a second time!”

– Deb G. – 9/20/15

Your Daily Email Contains:

Daily Writing Prompts:

Some writing prompts are focused on self-discovery while others are about sheer creativity and craft. These exercises will encourage you to get words on the page and provide you with tools to approach your daily writing practice.

Daily Coaching Steps:

Coaching steps are designed to help you find new ways to support yourself while maintaining a daily writing practice well after the challenge concludes.

And if you Purchased the Coaching Option:

Instructions on how to set up your 30-minute coaching session if you purchased the coaching option.

What Will You Write About?

This generative writing course is not focused on any one genre. Instead, it is about creativity and self-discovery. No matter what you like to write, you can take this course.  Topics covered during the fifteen days:

  • Why You Write
  • Your Sacred Space
  • Thinking Outside The Paragraph
  • Source Material
  • Compassionate Goal Setting

Who Can Join?

Anyone who wants to establish or re-establish a daily writing practice, regardless of writing experience. Or anyone who wants to make more room for creativity.

Time Commitment

Participating requires only 1/2 hour per day for 15 days.

Are you Ready to Get Writing Again?

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Get Writing Again 15-Day Email Program WITHOUT coaching option: $24.99

Get Writing Again 15-Day Email Program WITH coaching option: $57.00


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