Deconstructing Scenes: A Scene Writing Workshop Series

Scene Writing Workshop in Los Angeles

Get all the tools you need to write better scenes.

In this series of scene writing workshops, we will examine in depth a different element of scene writing every Wednesday evening, so that by the end of the workshop series, you will feel like you have all the tools you need to write better scenes.

Each workshop starts with introductions, then a presentation on the evening’s topic with examples, a Q&A period, and one or two writing exercises to help cement what you’ve just learned.

You can join any session you’d like to attend or work privately with a book coach.

All Scene Writing Workshops in the Series:

You can attend all the scene writing workshops or attend only the topics that interest you. We meet on Wednesday evenings in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

Date Workshop Description
Wed., 03/27/19 Setting & Subtext Learn how to write better setting and examine the role of subtext in scenes.
Wed., 04/03/19 Character Development Learn to develop your characters and make them feel more real, by focusing on both pre-story character development and ways to develop your characters better during your story.
Wed., 04/10/19 Prose Learn ways to write a better narrative, with an emphasis on writing better sentences.
Wed., 04/17/19 Pacing, Mood & Tone Learn how to pay attention to pacing, mood, and tone in your scenes.
Wed., 05/01/19 Voice Learn ways to help figure out your writer’s voice, and how to give your characters unique voices.
Wed., 05/15/19 Common Mistakes & Scene Deconstruction Learn the common mistakes in manuscripts and how to deconstruct a scene from your favorite book.

Who can attend?

  • Anyone over the age of 18 years old.
  • Anyone wanting to write a story, including memoir writers.
  • Class size: 8 maximum