Live Online Writing Workshops

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Add some creativity to your life.

All New Live Online Creative Writing Workshops

Live Online Writing Workshops

Log in for this in-person generative writing workshop to tap into your creativity, find inspiration, and write pages that will surprise you.

  • Get writing tips and learn what’s working in your writing and why.
  • Receive encouragement and find inspiration.
  • Write for two hours with creative peers and leave with new material.
  • Receive new prompts every week focusing on writerly growth and craft (voice, conflict, poetic devices, etc.).
  • Try your hand at different kinds of writing (fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc.)

Please note that these online writing workshops are not lecture-based. We get right down to writing. We choose prompts based on education and creativity value. There is no critique (as each piece you write is so new), only much-needed positive reinforcement about the potential of your piece. You’ll generate writing you would have never otherwise created, and you’ll learn writing tools along the way.

If you are interested in receiving critique, please check out our Writing Group & Critique Workshops or our Private Coaching. See our workshop schedule for more opportunities.

The best part is that you don’t have to travel to get to class! Anyone from anywhere can participate as long as you speak and write in English.

This workshop is not currently scheduled.


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