Lazybones Writing Magic 6-Week Audio Course

New! 6-Session Audio Class!

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Lazybones Writing Magic Writing Workshop (Audio Class)

Curb perfectionism, relieve self-pressure, have fun, and write more.

Entire books have been dedicated to overcoming resistance to creativity. Some posit that resistance can be overcome by sheer will. Others posit that resistance is simply a fact of life. Others offer solutions to trick yourself into productivity. What if they are all missing the point and resistance is showing up for a reason?

In this six-week audio course, you will learn techniques for creating a more sustainable writing practice by learning to embrace laziness in a new, rebellious, and creative way.

Laziness?! Yes.

Does the following cycle sound familiar to you?

  • You have a hard time sitting down to write.
  • You beat yourself up for being lazy.
  • You pressure yourself to get more words on the page.
  • Then you have a hard time sitting down to write again.
  • You’re not lazy. Most writers aren’t lazy.

With Nicole’s experience coaching writers and Ellen Archer’s experience in mind-body techniques, we’ve designed a six-week audio course that will give you a new perspective and new techniques for dealing with resistance and self-pressure.

Introducing Lazybones Writing Magic.

In this course, you will:

  • Start to reduce guilt and pressure to unlock creativity.
  • Understand the importance of downtime.
  • Learn how to feel good now, instead of waiting to feel good based on your goals.
  • Examine how your emotions make you a better writer.
  • Develop new skills to generate inspiration and write more often.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You’d rather do the dishes than write.
  • You’re feeling blocked.
  • You’re not writing but want to.
  • Writing feels daunting.
  • You perform elaborate rituals to sit down and write.
  • Writing doesn’t feel fun or creative anymore.
  • You’re writing a personal story and the memories are painful.
  • Writing your story causes stress or discomfort.


Meetings: Six content-rich audio lessons containing lifetime mind-body skills, 10 – 20 minutes each, one class per week with PDF notes and homework assignments to be completed on your own. You will be emailed the audio link weekly.
Skill Level: Anyone over the age of 18
Class Size: N/A
Requirements: You write or want to write and have internet access, email, and a web browser.
Cost: $225
$99 for a limited time!
Location: Audio Classes
Instructor(s): Nicole Criona
Ellen Archer
Important Terms & Conditions: Read our full refund policy here.

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