Online Creative Writing Workshops

online creative writing workshops

Add some creativity to your week from the comfort of your own home.

I offer several online creative writing workshops in order to reach people who either aren’t in Los Angeles or who don’t want to deal with traffic, but who still want to get words on the page and learn more about creative writing.

Live Online

Creative Writing Workshop on Zoom

Creative Writing Workshop Online

This long-standing in-person, creative writing workshop that originally started in Los Angeles, now takes place online. Tap into your creative side, create new writings that will surprise you, and learn a few things along the way.

– Generate new writings from original writing prompts designed to help you get words on the page and learn to write better scenes.

– Our writing prompts are different every session, and while we tend to lean into fiction, we also do some journaling, poetry, and some just for sheer creative value.

– Write pages you never would have otherwise

– Get writing tips and learn what’s working in your writing and why

– Get excited again about writing

– Write for 2.5 hours and come away with new material

– Try your hand at different kinds of writing

– Meet other writers

– Not critique-based: There is no critique (as each piece you write is so new) only much-needed positive reinforcement and tips to encourage you to reach the potential of each piece.

See the table below for upcoming online creative writing workshop dates

Workshop Location Type Instructor Date Start Time Length Cost Register Here
Creative Writing Workshop Anywhere! Live online via Zoom Workshop Nicole Criona Mon 03/09/2020 7:00 pm PST 2.5 hrs $35 Register Here
Creative Writing Workshop Anywhere! Live online via Zoom Workshop Nicole Criona Sat 03/21/2020 10:00 am PST 2.5 hrs $35 Register Here
Get Writing Again – A Creative Writing Email Course Email Email Course Nicole Criona Start any time Start any time $24.99 to $57 Register Here
100 Day Writing Challenge: 100 Days of Writing Email 100 Day Writing Challenge Nicole Criona Start any time $75 to $150 Join Here

Email-Based Workshops

Get Writing Again in 15 Days

A 15-day email-based program that sends you a prompt and coaching step every day to help you increase your productivity as a writer every day for 15 days, plus you have the option for a 30-minute coaching session. You can start this program at any time.  Learn more.

100 Days of Writing

This email-based program challenges you to write 200 words a day for 100 days. Receive prompts by email every day. We have an online group coming soon for writers who are currently taking the challenge. Learn more

Other Online Creative Writing Workshops – Webinars

Once in a while, I offer live webinars on specific topics. See the table below for our current offerings or join our mailing list.

If you are interested in receiving critique or guidance on your book project, please check out our Private Coaching or our First-Draft Incubator.