Frequently Asked Questions

:: What is™?

Welcome to! We facilitate writing workshops, writers groups, and seminars throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, with an aim toward getting words on the page and providing a safe place for writers to exchange feedback on works-in-progress. To see what workshops we offer, check out our current workshop schedule.

:: How did begin?

We started in 2003 with a single group. After a while, people starting asking to join and we found ourselves with a waiting list. After that, we just grew organically based on demand and here we are today!

:: Who are your group leaders and how do you pick them?

We take our job of hiring exceptional leaders seriously. When we pick a group or workshop leader, we don’t focus, necessarily, on how many credits they have. We are in the business of encouraging creativity and helping writers carve out their own voices, and our more than ten years’ experience proves that a leader doesn’t need multiple credits to do that task well. Publication credits are a great thing, of course, but we hire people who are great leaders, who have a supportive nature and a passion for writing and encouraging other writers.  Read more…

You can find all Group Leader bios on the Group Leaders page.

:: How can I participate if I don’t live in Los Angeles?

Move to LA. Just kidding! We have workshops in San Diego and we also offer online workshops, daily writing challenges, and coaching all online. You can participate from anywhere as long as you write in and speak English.

:: How can I join an in-person writers group or writing workshop if I live in Los Angeles or San Diego?

Find the workshop you want to join then register online. It’s that easy!

:: What’s so great about being in a writing workshop?

The point of joining is to create new material and to be a part of a writing community. Think of it as a weekly workout to exercise your craft. It’s also nice to be able to bring in works-in-progress and get feedback from other writers and from a qualified group leader. Connecting with other writers is an important aspect of the writing life. Our members tend to form lasting bonds.

:: Do you teach creative writing?

During each workshop or session, you will learn craft tools by participating in the creative writing prompts, listening to the other writers read their work, and participating in the critique process. However, our workshops are not lecture-based. Our workshops are for beginners and experienced writers alike–our exercises will help you generate new material, explore new voices, or even dive into a new genre. As an experienced writer, you know how valuable feedback can be – especially from an experienced group leader. If you are a newer writer, the writing exercises will get you thinking in new creative directions, and also help you generate new material.

:: Where do you hold your workshops?

We hold our workshops online and sometimes in person in private homes for the comfort and intimacy that the environment provides. The cost of renting space in Los Angeles has become prohibitive to keeping our costs affordable while also paying the group leaders what they are worth. Because our workshops are held in private homes, we do not give out the exact address until you register for the group. If you are interested in hosting a group in your area, please contact us! (You get a significant discount if you do!)

:: Who can join?

Any creative writer, anywhere. Novices and experts alike can join our groups.

:: I need to hire a writer.  Can you help?

Feel free to reach out to us (see our contact information in the footer of this page). We charge a nominal fee to send a job ad out to our mailing list. We will contact you and let you know if we approve your job ad. We have thousands of writers on our list, and every single one of them will receive your job posting in their inbox, which is better than posting your job on a website and hoping that the perfect writer happens to check that site while your job is posted. We rarely post jobs that do not pay.

:: I’d like to advertise to your writers, how do I do that?

You may request an ad rate card here to advertise to our writers (see contact info in footer). We often run specials and we have options that include advertising on our website, mailing list, blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

:: Do you offer editorial services?

If you are interested in help with your novel, short story, essay, memoir, poetry book, chapbook, or anything else, you can read about our coaching and editorial services here.

:: Can kids join?

Our workshops are not appropriate for kids but we do recommend checking out for classes oriented toward younger creatives.

:: What is your spam policy?

No spam, no sharing your email with anyone.

:: What is your refund policy?

You can read our full refund policy here.

:: Can I read your privacy policy?

You sure can, love. I hope you like legalese. Read our Privacy Policy.