Writing Retreat – Narrative Elements – May 14-18, 2015 


Writing Retreat – Desert Hot Springs, CA

Writing Retreat in Desert Hot Springs, CA

Do you have story ideas but when you get them on paper, you feel less than satisfied?

Does the story in your imagination not live up to the story you get on the page?

We get this comment from writers all the time, and the reason for the disconnect is that the writer isn’t aware that they are lacking the right tools. Understanding the different narrative elements and how to execute them well is like a painter understanding color theory and having the right paintbrushes.   This is why we decided to create this intensive yet relaxing four-day retreat, so writers can come, have a fabulous time, get private coaching, learn the narrative elements, swim, get a massage, and then leave feeling not only rejuvenated, but armed with the tools they need to make their story read well on the page.

We are commandeering an entire retreat center in Palm Desert, CA (just outside of Palm Springs, CA)  just for us.  This writing retreat is open to fiction and memoir writers of all levels and genres.

We only have 13 rooms available, so don’t wait.

Learn more or sign up here.




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