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Poetry Writing Prompts

This week’s prompts focus on expanding your poetry repertoire. Experimenting with different forms of poetry can be fun and a great way to express yourself. For this week, I recommend writing by hand only.

Every Sunday we kick off a new theme for our daily writing prompts. You can read Sunday’s post here: https://www.lawritersgroup.com/writing-prompt-112716/

Today’s Writing Prompt

Today let’s totally go acrostic on each other. Yeah, okay, that makes no sense but it sounds mean, and lately, I like things that sound mean, like slap-you-across-the-face-don’t-fuck-with-me mean. Don’t worry, my mean phase won’t last long. In the meantime, let’s write some acrostic poetry. Acrostic poetry is poetry in which the same letter in each line spells another thematic word. The letters can be at the beginning of a word or line, at the end of a word or line, or in the same position in the middle somewhere. Like this:

i’M an angry lady
sEe me block your path
bAck away from me
aNd run for your life.

I feel better now, thank you.

Also, acrostic sounds cheerleadery to me. Go. Acrostic. Go. Go. Acrostic.

Write a free verse poem today.

I’d love to read your poems!

You can post your daily writing exercises in the comments section of the blog post if you’d like or you can post on our Facebook group. Or you can keep them to yourself. It’s all fine with me.

Go forth and write,



  • You can write about yourself or apply these prompts to your character.
  • It’s okay to change personal pronouns (he to she or she to I, etc.)
  • You don’t have to follow the prompt exactly; it’s more important that you get words on the page today.
  • You can get these daily writing prompts a couple of different ways:

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