First-Draft Incubator 2.0

Is it time to finish that book?

Finish your book.

First Drafts Completed by Members: 15

The First-Draft Incubator is a holistic and immersive program organized to support you while you finish your book.

This program combines ongoing group and private coaching and is one of our least expensive book coaching programs.

This support group for writers gives you the ongoing and loving support of a book coach, the support of fellow writers who are also finishing their books, accountability, and access to a coach who has helped many writers overcome blocks, maintain momentum, and complete their books. 

Writing a book is hard

Join if you want to:

  • Set reasonable, sustainable goals
  • Finish your book
  • Ongoing accountability
  • Have someone to call when you’re feeling blocked or unproductive
  • Find solutions to blocks and stalls
  • Have access to ongoing creative support
  • Learn new tools for outlining, writing scenes, character development, structure, and more
  • Get help from a Professional Writing Coach who’s helped many writers complete their books
  • Have access to and develop tight bonds with a group of writers who share your goals and have similar struggles
  • Get priority access and discounts to workshops and retreats
  • Get discounts on additional private coaching
  • Be more productive

Program Details

  • 2 hours/month private coaching
    • Get weekly 30-minute meetings that include editing up to 10 pages per session
  • Two Monthly Online Meetings:
    • We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday via online video conference every month from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. PST
  • Discount on Private Coaching
    • Get a 10% discount on Private Coaching if you want more intensive assistance.
  • Workshop Discounts
    • 20% off Workshops, Retreats, and Online Writing Challenges

Best of all, there is no commitment. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.


“I had taken every writing class I could find both online and in-person for over three years, yet I was still floundering around with an unwritten novel in my head. Frustrated and skeptical, I went to yet another class and met Nicole Criona –  and everything changed. First Draft Incubator was different. And her one-one-one personal attention was just what I needed. With her kindness and gentle encouragement, before I knew it I had an outline. She was so generous with her ideas and so sure of my ability and our way forward that I believed her. And it worked. Three months later, I had sixty written pages with a clear idea of where I was going. Every week, she helped me hurdle stumbling blocks and climb out of writing bogs that threatened to stop me in my tracks. Now, here I am, sixteen months later with a finished first draft. It is the single biggest personal accomplishment of my life and she is the reason I got here. The joy is real! I cannot thank her enough. Nicole, you were the flashlight in my darkest forest. We did it!!”

Carrie T. – Fledgling Author, soon to be hopefully be published.

If you’re in the middle of writing a book and you feel like there’s no end in sight, this is the workshop for you. I joined the bi-weekly First Draft Incubator three months ago (after completing the introductory 6-week FDI course), and now I’m on the verge of finishing the first draft of a novel. The beauty of this bi-weekly online workshop is that it takes a lot of the loneliness out of the writing process, allowing participants to discuss the challenges they’re facing, and to offer support, solutions, and encouragement to each other in a completely relaxed, nurturing, and non-judgmental environment. There are added benefits, too, such as a book club, private time with the instructor, and occasional special guest speakers! The FDI incubator 2.0 is part writer’s circle, part book club, part therapy session. I leave every meeting feeling hopeful, refreshed, empowered, and more prepared to move confidently forward with my project. So will you.

-Katlyn M.

Who Can Participate

Novel writers, memoir writers, or nonfiction writers, who have a project in mind and are ready to finish their book.

What if I’m Not Ready for Group Interaction?

Try my A Scene A Week Coaching Package. Get the private coaching aspect of being in the First-Draft Inbucator (weekly 30-minute coaching sessions and feedback on up to 10 pages per week), and optional access to the group meetings that you can pay a bit extra to attend if we happen to have a guest speaker or if I am speaking on a topic that interests you.

How to Learn More

Want more information? Schedule a free 30-minute meeting with me, and I’ll tell you all about it and answer all your questions or simply sign up now!

Sign-Up Now

First-Draft Incubator
Non-Coaching Client: $255.00 USD / month
Existing or Former Coaching Client : $195.00 USD / month
Online Group Meetings Only: $125.00 / month
A Scene A Week Coaching Package
Non-Coaching Client: $195 USD / month
Group Coaching Meetings (optional): $45

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