Writing Prompt for Tuesday 11/22/16

Your Daily Writing Prompt

Character Development Writing PromptThis week, we are working on character development. Each Sunday, we start on a new prompt theme for the week. Read our opening post for this week’s prompts here.

Today’s prompt: 

Fiction Writers: Your character is angry about something, and they are about to explode verbally. Let them explode. Write their monologue. Monologues can help you discover how your character speaks, what they value, what bothers them, and why it bothers them. Monologues are one of my favorite ways to get to know a character.

Memoir Writers: Write about a time when you were so angry that you lost control. See if you can recall what you said. If you can’t remember a time when you lost control, recall a time when you wanted to or almost lost control.

You can post your daily writing exercises in the comments section of the blog post if you’d like or on our Facebook group. Or you can keep them to yourself. It’s all fine with me.

Go forth and write,



  • You can write about yourself or apply these prompts to your character.
  • It’s okay to change personal pronouns (he to she or she to I, etc.)
  • You don’t have to follow the prompt exactly; it’s more important that you get words on the page today.
  • You can get these daily writing prompts a couple of different ways:

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