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Character Development Writing PromptThis week, let’s work on character development. There seem to be a million different opinions on how to develop a character, a million different character development worksheets available (just type in “character development worksheet” on your favorite search engine and see for yourself) and a million different opinions on how to create a character that seems like a real human being.

The reason there are so many ideas and strategies out there is that there is no one correct way to do it. The only things you need to do is make sure that your character:

  1. Changes or refuses to change (character arc)
  2. Had a life before the start of your novel

For the next week, we are going to dig deeper into character.

Today’s prompt: 

Fiction Writers: Write a journal entry from the point of view of your character in which they recall an event in their lives that changed the way they think and act.

Memoir Writers: Write a journal entry and reconstruct event in your life that changed the way they think and act.

You can post your daily writing exercises in the comments section of the blog post if you’d like or on our Facebook group. Or you can keep them to yourself. It’s all fine with me.

Go forth and write,



  • You can write about yourself or apply these prompts to your character.
  • It’s okay to change personal pronouns (he to she or she to I, etc.)
  • You don’t have to follow the prompt exactly; it’s more important that you get words on the page today.
  • You can get these daily writing prompts a couple of different ways:

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