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How to Pitch a TV Show or Film Class

Pitching is a balancing act.

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Pitching is an art form. Whether you are pitching to a producer, an agent, a studio or network executive, you want to sound like a professional. Buyers expect certain information from a pitch and it needs to be compelling or funny depending on the genre you’re trying to sell. Pitches have windows of time. You don’t want a pitch to be too long or too brief (buyers often check out if they feel there is too much or too little information). Pitching is a balancing act. In this class you will learn how to structure out a proper pitch including your logline, character introductions, a summary of your pilot story, and a compact idea of what your first season will look like. You will be given exercises to take home each week to help you refine your pitch. You will be pitching in class as your pitch develops. You will be taught how to connect to the buyers you are pitching to (or “how to work a room”). This How to Pitch a TV Show or Film class is all about making you sound like you have been pitching for years. In the last week of class, industry professionals will come to listen to you pitch and give you feedback. It’s a lively, fun class where you can try out your ideas and hone them in a safe, supportive environment? Have a show or film you want to pitch? Let’s get you ready.

Who can register?

Anyone. Whether you have an idea, a completed project, or you just want to learn the art of pitching, all are welcome!

This workshop is now closed.

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