How to Pitch a TV Show – 4-Week Workshop

How to Pitch a TV ShowThe amount of scripted programs being made for broadcast, cable and digital formats has increased exponentially over the last decade.  This means more opportunities for writers to pitch their ideas.

Although there are more opportunities out there, it is still a competitive marketplace and you need to learn how to communicate to the people who want to buy your show. They want to buy shows, but they want to buy good ones that will sell and make money, which is why you need more than a great idea, you need to know how to pitch, and how to pitch well to any producer, network or studio executive.

This workshop is a stellar opportunity to work directly with a professional Development Executive who hears pitches on a daily basis and get one-on-one help to hone your pitch.

Whether you just have an idea or you already have a finished script, this is your opportunity to learn how to communicate professionally and succinctly.

This workshop will cover:

  • Loglines – their importance and how to write one
  • What buyers are looking for in a pitch
  • Character vs. story beats – which are more important?
  • Structuring your pitch for maximum affect
  • What to say – and not say – in a meeting
  • What happens to your pitch after you leave the room

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know:

  1. The key elements to successfully translating your idea into an attention-getting pitch
  2. How to sell yourself as well as your idea
  3. How to talk about your pitch in terms of the pilot and beyond

About the Instructor:

marla whiteMarla White is a television development executive with years of experience in shepherding series and movies to the small screen including the current WGN hit show, “Outsiders,” and “The Jim Gaffigan Show” for TV Land.  After hearing hundreds of mind-numbing pitches over the years that successfully torpedoed what might have otherwise been marketable ideas, she has become determined teach writers what executives are looking for when you walk in the room.


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