Creativity Seminars for Writers

The Monthly Writer’s Room

A monthly creativity and learning series for writers

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Creativity Seminar

The Writer’s Room is a series of monthly creativity seminars for writers to overcome limiting beliefs and fears that can inhibit the creative process.

Through structured discussions and exercises, you will:

  • Get to the root of your creative roadblocks
  • Reinvigorate your creative self
  • Discover what might be holding you back from success
  • Determine what you want to express in your writing
  • Gain a community of writers who empathize with the challenges you face.  

Each month we will delve into a different topic and renew our inspiration and passion for writing.  We will explore issues that plague writers:

  • How to turn your life experiences into stories
  • Accountability
  • How to sustain a writing practice
  • How to discover and communicate your unique perspectives
  • How to know if you are “good enough”
  • How to run your own peer-to-peer writing & feedback group
  • and much more.  

We will facilitate highly effective self-discovery exercises and engage in round-table style discussions.  

As Melanie Rothchild puts it in The Art of Mistakes, “You never know when, out of nowhere, something is going to happen that will imbed itself in your gut.”  

The Monthly Writer’s Room is an opportunity to recognize those vital moments and to learn more about yourself as an artist and as a writer.

Upcoming Seminars:

Discovering Your Life Stories, Significance, and Writing Your Passion

Your individual experiences and passions are one-of-a-kind and are a great source of compelling material for writing or art projects. Everyone has original stories just waiting to be shared with the world.  In this creativity seminar, we will help you uncover forgotten life experiences and renew your passion for existing ones.  You will discover what is unique about your life experience and teach you how to turn them into themes, narratives, and characters.  We’ve all had experiences that have profoundly changed us.  Learn how to share this experience with the world by turning it into a story that feels significant.  This workshop is open to all creatives, writers and artists alike who want to add to or develop a slate of themes and turn them into art or stories.

The Path to Self-Accountability

Writers often dismiss the idea of setting deadlines. While deadlines can feel counterintuitive to the creative process, deadlines cna also jumpstart the imagination.  Determine where your resistance lurks, pinpoint your time wasters, set reachable deadlines, and, most importantly, learn how to stick to them.

Am I Good Enough?

How do you know if you are a good writer?  By capitalizing on the areas where you excel and expanding your repertoire of writing techniques.  Hone the craft tools that may be the missing link between being a writer and being a talented writer.  You’ll also receive a list of recommended reading for writers.

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