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Dialogue Writing Prompts

This week’s creative writing prompts focus on writing better dialogue. Every Sunday we start a new theme for the week’s writing prompts.

Today’s Writing Prompt


Today I want you to write a conversation in which you focus on what a character is NOT saying.

Invent two characters (or use existing characters you’ve already created).

Pick from which character’s POV, you will write the scene.

Write a conversation between the two characters but focus on what one of the characters is NOT saying to create conflict. Perhaps when asked a question and they deflect instead of providing an answer. Perhaps they simply stay silent. Perhaps they try to change the subject. Perhaps they blame instead of answer the question. Perhaps they only give one-word answers.

Characters don’t have to answer the direct question they are asked. In fact, it’s more interesting to read when they don’t. Each character has their own motivation, their own opinion, and their own goals for that conversation. Let them stay in character. The challenge is to make sure your character interacts with someone in a believable way.  And say what they might naturally

You can post your daily writing exercises in the comments section of the blog post if you’d like or you can post on our Facebook group. Or you can keep them to yourself. It’s all fine with me.

Go forth and write,



  • You can write about yourself or apply these prompts to your character.
  • It’s okay to change personal pronouns (he to she or she to I, etc.)
  • You don’t have to follow the prompt exactly; it’s more important that you get words on the page today.
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