Writing Prompt for Friday 11/18/16

Your Daily Writing Prompt

Daily Writing PromptThis week, we continue working on writing setting. Today, I want you to show how a character’s internal world affects how they perceive their external environment.

Today’s prompt: Write the set-up for two scenes: In the first scene, a character walks outside one day feeling a certain way. In the second scene, that same character walks outside but is in an entirely different mood than in the previous scene. Important: In both scenes, use the five senses to communicate what your character perceives in their environment and to show the change in your character’s mood.

You can post your daily writing exercises in the comments section of the blog post if you’d like.

Go forth and write,



  • You can write about yourself or apply these prompts to your character.
  • It’s okay to change personal pronouns (he to she or she to I, etc.)
  • You don’t have to follow the prompt exactly; it’s more important that you get words on the page today.
  • You can get these daily writing prompts a couple of different ways:

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