Mixed-Genre Writers Groups

This Mixed-Genre Writers Group has ended. Please check out our writing workshops schedule page for currently scheduled workshops or join our mailing list

Fill Your Notebook™

One of the biggest challenges writers face is finding new and ongoing inspiration.  Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to force ourselves to sit down and write, which is odd considering how much we love it once we are inspired and in the creative flow.  This search for new and consistent inspiration birthed our mixed-genre writers groups.  We wanted to provide a way to inspire that creative flow on a weekly basis, connect with other writers, and also have the opportunity to bring in drafts of our creative work and get supportive, constructive feedback from our fellow writers.

We hire a passionate, experienced, and qualified group leader to moderate the group and we limit not only the group size (8-10 max) but the number of times we meet (4 – 8 weeks) so we can take a break and then start up again with a fresh experience.  Every group becomes a different experience because there are new participants and new writing prompts based on the needs of the writers in the group.   We use new creative writing prompts every session, save for a few tried-and-true ones.

This mixed-genre writers group remains open to all writers and is not limited by genre nor by experience level.  Everyone needs inspiration.  And story is story, regardless of genre or format.  Poets, screenwriters, essayists, sci-fi writers, aspiring TV writers, no matter what you write, you are welcome here.

  • Reignite your passion for writing
  • Find new inspiration
  • Leave the group with a notebook filled with new stories and story ideas
  • Connect with other writers
  • Elevate your writing
  • Experiment with different voices, different genres (you’ll surprise yourself!)
  • You’ll have the opportunity (not required) to receive constructive, supportive critique on your current writing project in a safe environment from a qualified group leader and your fellow group members, regardless of the type or genre of the project
  • Bring in up to 20 pages every week for critique/feedback (not mandatory)