This weekend will be your last opportunity to take the Meditation and Writing Workshop and the Memoir Workshop, as we will pause these workshops for the next few months. 

All workshops this weekend will be all run by the fabulous Resa Alboher.

Resa Alboher is one of the founding editors of St. Petersburg Review and is also a Springhouse Journal editorial board member, a scout for the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, and a book coach/manuscript consultant. She’s a writer across genre whose publications include Roads & Kingdoms, Cosmonauts Avenue, Scapegoat Review, Black Heart Magazine, Rewire Me, Mango Salute, Have an NYC 2, Maintenant 5, and Radar Productions.

Writing with Spirit – A Meditation and Writing Workshop

This workshop combines meditation techniques and writing prompts to for those of you who prefer a spiritual start to your writing practice and more personal growth-oriented writing,

In this meditation and writing workshop, we combine meditation practice and writing exercises to help spark greater creativity. We will create space to breathe, create, share, reflect and connect with spirit.

For writers of all levels who want to write and connect with spiritual self, this workshop will help you relax and cut through our busy, overly logical minds and find a path to more profound creative inspiration.

Each session begins by learning a meditation together, and we will alternate between that meditation and related writing prompts and exercises. We will draw from different meditative practices each week, such as:

  • Metta (loving-kindness practice)
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Breath Practices
  • Visualizations
  • Focusing Practices or
  • Meditations on sound, color, and light. 

We will also take time together to look at how writing and spirit connect across the world’s great religions and read inspiring spiritual writings.

Lighting Up The Past – A Memoir Writing Workshop

Study successful memoir writers, generate new memoir writings and get feedback on your scene (optional).

Part generative and part critique, this bi-weekly memoir workshop welcomes writers who have already begun a memoir or essay project as well as writers who have an idea in mind but have yet to start writing.

In addition to creating new personal writing, you will also have the option to share and get professional feedback on pages from your memoir or personal essays.

We will also reflect on the work of successful memoir and personal writing through history,  and we will learn ways to remember, discover, and light up our own past and bring our rich memory and experience into our writing. Everyone in this workshop will have the chance to begin a new memoir project or go more deeply into a project already in process. Writers of all levels are welcome in this course.

Sunday Creative Writing Workshops

Get words on the page and gain new scene writing tools along the way. This is our most popular workshop and takes place every Sunday from 11 am – 1:30 pm. Start your Sunday generating new work!  

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned because we have all kinds of new workshops coming up soon!

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