Why take the 15-Day Writing Challenge?

When you sign up for the 15-Day Writing Challenge, you’ll get an email every day for 15 days that contains a writing prompt and a self-coaching tip to help you create an ongoing writing practice and set reasonable goals for yourself and learn how to incorporate a writing practice into your daily routine.

Through the writing prompts, you will:

  • Examine your relationship to writing
  • Reevaluate where you write
  • Make changes to your writing space
  • Learn new ways to be creative on the page
  • Become more aware of where you can find inspiration and source material
  • Learn how to support and pick yourself back up during those times when you stop writing
  • End up with 15 days worth of new writings to pull from and use to create new stories, essays, scenes, or poetry.
  • Learn how to set reasonable goals and coach yourself through these goals

Remember how accomplished you felt when you finished a first draft or final draft?
You’ll feel that way every day during this challenge.

Here are some things that some of our participants have said about taking the 15-Day Writing Challenge:

“Nicole, I want to thank you for your thought provoking and active participation as the facilitator of this incredible 15-Day experience! I began this workshop with lots of apprehension which was similar to how I tackled my writing, unfortunately. But, with your energy and tenacious daily prompts and up-to-the minute feedback, I was able to defeat the writers block that I often found myself in! I’ve been writing everyday since your workshop and I’m happy to say that I have actually completed two articles that I am preparing to submit for publication! I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, professionalism, and mindful energy that you brought to this 15-Day challenge! I’m actually considering doing it a second time!”

Deb G.

“It was a great experience and one that needed. I haven’t picked up a “pen” in a creative writing journey in many months. The 15 days motivated me to write and I’m glad to report that it’s only wet my appetite. I fell in love with the creative process again. Nicole, you’re awesome. I liked all of the prompts and the feedback from Nicole and others in this challenge. Also, getting to read others writing touched me too. So much talent out there. Thank you, thank you.”

Jacqueline K.

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