Interview with Shawn Schepps, Instructor for our Upcoming Web Series Workshop

Shawn SchepsOur 8-week Web Series Workshop starts on August 1st, so we thought we’d interview our Instructor, the fabulous and talented Shawn Schepps about why writers should consider writing a web series.  Not only is she a fantastic and knowledgeable instructor, she even decided to direct one of the series written in our first Web Series Class called Hobo Handyman  (now in post-production).  Look for it online soon!
Why did you decide to teach web series writing?

Web series are the new frontier for television. Soon enough web series will be on your TV.

What kinds of things do you cover in the class?
The idea. The structure of a web series. Getting six episodes done. Character arc. Story. Budget. We start with outlines, then write short scripts.
What is the biggest mistake writers make when writing a web series?

Writing something that could be too expensive to make. No idea is too expensive, it’s just about learning how to put your producer’s cap on and write so it’s inexpensive. That is covered as we go along in this class.

Why is writing a web series important for entertainment industry writers?

There is a freedom to writing a web series that you don’t get in conventional television. Also it shows another side of your work.

How is writing a web series different from writing a short film?
A web series is more than one “episode” – which is why “series” is in the name, The scripts are 10 pages. And there is a “series” arc.
How can writing a web series benefit an aspiring writer?

It gives one the chance to hone in on their writing skills. It also can give someone a chance to finish their episodes, shoot one and try to sell the rest to web companies, giving you exposure to show your work to anyone instead of just asking them to read a script.

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Hobo Handyman Credits:

“Hobo Handyman”
Cast, Julie Warner, John Lacy, Mace Lombardo
Director – Shawn Schepps
Writer – Mace Lombardo
Producers – Mace Lombardo, Mark Devine, Shawn Schepps
DP – Spencer Hutchins

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