Thursday Creative Writing Workshop – Los Angeles

Creative Writing Workshop - Thursday EveningsWrite Every Thursday.  

Get Inspired.  

Get yourself (back) into the writing habit.

Your Thursdays just got a little better. Introducing our new Thursday Creative Writing Workshop! Every Thursday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., you can show up and write for 2 hours based on creative writing prompts. Create, share (or don’t – no pressure!), and discuss the writing life and process. You’ll leave with new writing, new ideas, and the inspiration to continue this work.

The writing exercises we give are based on the needs of the group, on sheer creativity, and on the desire to write what we may never have written otherwise.

Please note that these workshops are not lecture-based. We get right down to writing — and much more. Each prompt is chosen for its education-value. Though there is no critique (as each piece you write is so new), we discuss craft issues and writing life concerns. The goal is to learn the tools of writing in an experiential way.

If you are interested in receiving critique, please check out our Writing & Critique Workshops or Private Coaching.


This workshop is not currently scheduled.

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