The Path to Self-Accountability

Join us on Saturday, April 25

MONTHLY writers room

What’s stopping you from diving fully into your writing life and practice? In every aspect of life we come up against our own resistances. The Monthly Writers Room is a workshop series dedicated to investigating these blocks in your creative life, while promoting self-inquisitiveness, support, and productivity. The goal is to help writers ask the big questions in order to get at manageable-sized answers.

Last month we set out to discover and mine our life stories and to turn our personal experiences into fruitful material. We talked about passion and characters, and how our unique stories are relatable and universal.

This month we’ll focus on overcoming our resistance to writing and other creative endeavors — a universal issue among artists. We’ll investigate the limiting beliefs and fears that hold us back in the writing process. We’ll ask the tough questions: what is at the root of your creative blocks? How can we overcome them? We’ll set writing goals that you can truly meet by analyzing our resistance.

Join us Saturday to write, explore, discuss, and to meet other interesting individuals. This workshop is open to writers and artists of all levels, and anyone looking to embrace their creative side.

Workshop Date:  Saturday, April 25th

Time:  9:00 am – 12:30 pm

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