Thank you, Writers

Thank youThis holiday season, I’m thankful for writers. I’m thankful for those writers who put themselves out there and wrote articles and stories and unknowingly helped me heal from many things over the last few years. I’m thankful for writers who overcome self-doubt and disillusionment and push forward anyway. You propel me forward.  I’m thankful to those writers who are stuck because I have the opportunity to help you get over those blocks and move forward. I’m thankful you continue to keep the faith that your passionate work will one day pay off.  I’m thankful you trust me and reach out when you’re feeling lonely and frustrated.

You wordsmiths understand that a font can change everything. You understand that words can help you heal, recover, and evolve. You understand that sometimes we have to be selfish with our time to create. You understand that sometimes you have to cut your feelings wide open and release them to the world, so others know they are not alone. You understand that writing a story is hard, and requires unrelenting dedication. You know that stories are a sacred form of expression.

You are my tribe, and I’m deeply grateful to be a member.

I think you are all beautiful, expressive beings who can affect positive change in yourself and others. You all inspire me so much more than I could ever inspire you.

Writers have changed the direction of my life so completely, and I wouldn’t change a second of it, even if I could. Thank you, you beautiful scribes.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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