Student Progress – Web/TV Script Writing Classes


We just received several progress updates on projects that some of our TV Script and Web Series Class participants wrote during their time in our workshops:

script writing class student progress sq

– Kenya is shooting all six of the episodes of Regurga-date, which she wrote in class and is one of the lead actresses.

– Mace is wrapping up post-production his first episode of Hobo Handyman, and will be up on soon.

– Angela is about to go into production on her series, Mother’s.

-Matt got an agent off his script he wrote in class.

Congratulations to each of them on their dedication and hard work!

For those of you still writing your scripts, you’ve just glimpsed a possible future for yourself.  Keep working!  Remember that we have another round of TV & Web script writing classes starting in the next week or so, and you can always try our private coaching if you need some assistance or accountability.

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