Poetry Seminar

Dedicate a day to your poetry.

This Poetry Seminar has ended. Please check out our writing workshops schedule page for currently scheduled workshops or join our mailing list

Poetry Workshop, Los Angeles

In this one-day poetry seminar, you’ll spend the day on your poetic creativity by writing new poems inspired by prompts that are specifically designed to awaken and revive your inner poet.  The prompts are lots of fun and bring out words you wouldn’t have otherwise put together into a poem. You can also bring in up to three already-written poems (totally optional) for expert and supportive feedback from the instructor as well as the other participants that will help you hone in on the best possible version of your work.  Even if you don’t bring anything in for feedback, you will learn how to begin to critique your own poetry outside the workshop environment.  Sanora has been running poetry and creative writing workshops for more than 11 years.   Since this workshop is usually an all-day class usually meets from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, we do take a break for lunch so bring a sack lunch with you.

This poetry seminar is open to poets of all levels and it works for everyone, even those who just want to try their hand at poetry.  You will:

  • Leave the group with new ideas, and at least one poem you can work on post the workshop
  • (Re)Ignite your passion for writing poetry
  • Connect with other poets in your area
  • Hone your poetic voice
  • Receive real-time, positive and constructive feedback and suggestions on how to refine poems  produced in the workshop
  • Receive refinement suggestions on any previously written poetry (3 poems maximum)

Workshop closed.