Interesting Writing Articles and Blogs You Might Have Missed


Top writing articles you may have missed this week.

Queries: The Art of Selling Your Art

This is an older article but it contains fantastic information from an acquiring editor what to and not to do when writing a query letter. Full Article

Short Story Collection Contests, Part II: Submission Pitfalls and Tips

Get insight into how to submit to writing contests from a writing contest judge. Full Article

Crash Course from a Middle Grade Novelist

Advice for those constructing a YA novel. Full Article

Are you in the subjunctive mood?

A grammar refresher on the difference between indicative, imperative, and subjunctive would never be a bad thing. Full Article

10 Reasons Why You Should Know How To Format Ebooks

It’s easier than you think. Full Article

Get Your Novel Noticed with a Power-Packed Title

A rumination on the power of book titles. Full Article

You’re a book nerd if… Full Article

Writers, You Need Stop Doing It All On Your Own

Writing doesn’t have to be such a solitary occupation. Full Article

How to Play Big and All the Way Out There When You Want to Be an Author

Advice on marketing yourself. Full Article

The Hidden Costs of Building an Author Website

We know this all too well, and it applies to all websites, not just author websites. Full Article

May is Short Story Month!

Even though it’s almost over, Dzanc has discounted many short stories this month. Full Article

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