How to Write Dialogue – Fiction Class – Los Angeles

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How to Write Dialogue - Creative Writing Workshop Series

Spend the evening learning to write more engaging fictional conversations. We’ll give you the tools and then you’ll practice what you’ve learned through in-class prompts.

Good dialogue can make your characters jump off the page and into your reader’s life.  Uninspired dialogue can make your reader put down your story and never pick it back up again.

I’m sure you’ve heard someone give you the task of sitting somewhere public and writing out conversations you overhear.  Did you know that exercise is only good for one small aspect of writing dialogue? If you don’t know what that thing is, it could actually encourage you to write poor dialogue.

In this class, we will cover how to construct realistic dialogue that differs from everyday speech but still sounds real.

This class is a part of a larger fiction workshop series where we take a deep dive into the different narrative elements.  Pick and choose which nights you want to attend or buy a package of nights.

How to Write Dialogue workshop schedule:

Workshop closed.

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