How Lists Can Get You Writing Again

Lists can be a fantastic way to get you writing when you’re not being productive. Once you start a creative list, you give your brain permission to think creatively. If you don’t know what to write about or if you’re stuck on a project, you can use list-making to get yourself back into a creative flow.
Let’s say you’re not sure how to start your story. You can list out several options. Or better yet, list out several beginnings and endings and keep doing that until you find a pair that feels right. If you are feeling like you have nothing to say, you can make a list about things you’re angry about, or things that happened this week that upset you. One of them might spark an essay or a story about a character who has that experience.

Here are some ideas for lists:

  • Social issues you feel passionate about
  • Things your character will learn
  • Things you’ve learned
  • Bad decisions your character might make
  • Characters you’d be interested in reading about
  • Reasons you don’t write
  • Traits of people you don’t like and lessons you’d like to teach them

I challenge you to make a list today to see how lists can get you writing again.
See what sparks your imagination.

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