Freelance Magazine Writing Workshop – Los Angeles

What To Expect & Getting A Query Right

Freelance Magazine Writing WorkshopThis one-day freelance magazine writing workshop is just the primer you need before entering the freelance writing market.

Let’s start where you are now.

Maybe you have a burgeoning blog and would like to try publishing on other more established sites?  Perhaps you are a new writer who is simply interested in knowing the brass tacks of what it’s like to be a freelancer? Maybe you have some great ideas, but you don’t know how to get started– or what you even need to get started!?  This class will help coach you along on this publishing journey.

For this one-day freelance magazine writing workshop, you will bring three article ideas and a list of five possible publications you admire (online or print). Together, we will do the following:

  • Talk about the importance of clippings/samples
  • Brainstorm ways for you to build your clippings if you don’t already have some
  • Analyze a publication’s overall audience, voice, demographic, and intention
  • Identify a publication’s sections and article structures
  • Identify your own intention with publishing
  • Turn your intention and ideas into pitches while considering a publication’s audience and article structure
  • Outline an article based on your pitch and/or discuss research
  • Draft a query letter/email
  • Discuss response rates, deadlines, kill fees, rejections, and the value of publishing on this scale
  • Map out a publishing plan that works for you

This workshop is not currently scheduled.