Fan Fiction Writing Workshops

Workshop: Transition from Fanfiction to Original Fiction

Transition from Fan Fiction to Original Fiction

This workshop is for novice and seasoned fanfiction writers who want to write original fiction.

This new monthly workshop is different every month. Each meeting will focus on a specific aspect of fiction writing, and you can attend any session you’d like.

At each meeting, you will:

  • Generate new writing from original prompts.
  • Learn fiction writing techniques that differ from fan fiction.
  • Learn what’s working in your writing and why.
  • You’ll get to meet other writers.
  • You will also get tips on how to attract more readers, reviews, and feedback on your existing fan fiction.

Our workshops are part lecture and part generative writing. We choose prompts based on themes of the week, education, craft, or creative value, so you can be sure you’ll never run out of fresh ideas. We prioritize positive reinforcement and teaching techniques, so you’ll leave each meeting feeling inspired and ready to tackle your next writing project.

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Fan Fiction Workshop Details: 

Skill Level: Anyone over the age of 18
Class Size: Limited to 8 participants
Requirements: None
Location: Online on Zoom
Important Terms & Conditions: This workshop qualifies you for the returning member discount.
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