California Bookstore Day 2014!

California Book Store Day.

We know that successful writers are voracious readers, and this is why we are so excited about California Bookstore Day 2014!

California Bookstore Day is a statewide movement to recognize the power and importance of independent bookstores. The day is modeled after the now famous Record Store Day, which is largely credited for saving and reviving local and independent record stores, both domestically and internationally.

While tomorrow’s event is only statewide, organizers are hopeful to see their model replicated nationwide, with other bookstores across the country deciding to participate in a larger Bookstore Day.

This weekend in California, more than 90 bookstores in 80 zip codes will be celebrating the event with author readings, trivia contests, and specialty food and drink offerings, and customers visiting their local independents will be able to pick up any of 13 limited-edition literary items created especially for the celebration, from authors such as Neil Gaiman and George Saunders.

Check out these links for more information on events in your areas:,0,4188568.story#ixzz30ahlsXe5


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