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32 Calls for Submissions in October 2018 – Paying Markets

All of these literary magazines pay, and none charge submission fees.

There are nearly three dozen calls for submissions in October. As always, anything you can think of is wanted – flash fiction, speculative fiction and poetry, horror, creative nonfiction along with several themed issues and anthologies. Read the full article:  Published To Death

Universal Launches 2019 Writers Program

The application period is now open for the 2019 Universal Writers Program, which aims to find both up-and-coming and experienced creators who incorporate diverse and global perspectives into screenwriting. Read the full article via deadline.com : Universal Writers Program

Overcoming Creativity Wounds

I’m not talking about a flesh wound, but a psychological wound—the kind that happens when someone told you in an elementary school art class that you didn’t draw well, or when you gave a story to a friend to read in the hopes they would shower you with encouragement, but they treated the story with disregard. We put our souls, the meaning of our lives, into the things we create, whether they are large or small works, and when the world rebuffs us, or is outright hostile, the pain is such that it might as well be a flesh wound. In fact, it sometimes might be better to have a flesh wound.  Read the full article:  Jane Friedman

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Character’s Career

A character is more than what they do, but what they do is important to a story. It’s another opportunity to deepen the plot, enhance the theme, or strengthen the conflicts, as well as give you plenty to draw from to show who a character is and what their problems are.

Don’t just give your characters any old jobs—choose roles that suit them and your story. Read the full article: Janice Hardy

Hey, Writers: STFU About “the Muse”

Manguso presents the writing process as an ongoing negotiation between the writer and the word, where the writer learns when she should assert herself and when it’s best to yield. More than just a useful metaphor that rescues writers from the rhetoric of war and ancient Greek magic, Manguso sees her construction as a kind of ethic. Read the full article: The Stranger

8 Books by Hispanic Authors to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month | Writer’s Relief

We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) here at Writer’s Relief! Hispanic and Latino authors have contributed richly to our culture through their customs, legacies, art, achievements—and especially their writing. This month we spotlight eight books by Hispanic and Latino authors you should be reading! Read the full article: Writer’s Relief.

Everything Truly Worth Doing Takes Longer Than You Expect

If you talk to anybody who has accomplished anything of great significance, you’ll discover that it takes far longer than they think it will. Read the full article: The Medium

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