This Week’s Articles for Writers


This week’s edition of interesting articles and blogs you might have missed.  Enjoy!

Take a library engagement quiz to learn how your library habits and attitudes stack up against the general population.

LA Times Best Sellers Available at the Library

Check out your copies just in time for summer.

Maleficent, Elphaba, and You: The Secret to Writing Villains   

Tips on how to reconsider your villain. Hint: even the bad guys need empathy.

Have You Been Using These Everyday Phrases All Wrong

Humans are suckers for cliches, but all too often, these overused phrases take on a life of their own, becoming popularly used malapropisms.

A Writer Never Averts Her Eyes

All writers must keep a clear-eyed gaze on issues that churn the heart and crush the spirit. But it’s easier said than done.

Four Tips on Writing Awesome Articles

If you dream of reaching a larger audience, check out these tips from Jeff Goins.

How Authors Support Their Writing Dreams

A few aspiring authors get to stay home and write all day. Think of them as the 1%. The rest need to worry about putting food on the table before they can focus on their literary dreams.

3 Quick Cures for Common Writing Woes

Fortunately, for the most commonly diagnosed writing ailments, there are quick cures to combat what ails you.
And everyone has thoughts on what we might like to read this summer. We’ll keep listing the recommendations as we find them. Here are a few for this week:

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