Teaching with us

Creative Writing Teaching Jobs

Interested in teaching a creative writing workshop? We welcome your proposals. We occasionally offer workshops by qualified instructors, especially in the following subjects:

  • Poetry
  • Novel writing
  • Short fiction
  • Essay
  • Non-fiction
  • Memoir
  • Screenwriting
  • Web series
  • Animation
  • One-person shows

We are also interested in any workshops surrounding legal issues, publishing, and marketing as they might apply to aspiring writers who have not yet or are just about to complete a creative writing project.

You can propose the length of the workshop, and we are open to workshops that range from 2 hours long to weekly workshops that are 12-weeks long.

Please note that we require four months to plan, market, and fill a workshop from the time we accept your proposal.

Read more about how we vet our teachers.

If you have an idea for a workshop, please contact us at lawritersgroup@gmail.com to see if we are interested before you construct a proposal.