Short Story Critique Service

Short Story Critique Service

We have a new short story critique service for those of you looking for helpful, positive feedback on your story.  We read your story, then spend an hour with you on the phone, giving you notes about how to tap into your story’s full potential.

Our nine-point manuscript evaluation includes:

  • Character Development – Are your characters believable?
  • Stakes – Are there believable stakes for your main character?
  • World / Setting – Is the world of the story built well?
  • Plot – Does the overall structure, conflict, and events in your story drive the story forward in an organic way?
  • Prose – How well and appropriate are your prose?
  • Theme – Does your story communicate your theme well?
  • Scenes – Do you have active scenes?
  • Narrative Exposition – Do you use exposition well?
  • Brainstorming – We brainstorm with you to help you discover ways to improve your story

How it works:

Book an appointment by choosing a service and a reader.

Submit your manuscript to

Show up for your phone appointment to get notes!

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