Possible Free Rides for Writers on Amtrak


Amtrak Train

Oh boy, will I ever be keeping an eye on these possible free rides for writers on Amtrak, which they are calling residencies.  I love writing on a train, not only for the new scenery and perspectives but it’s one of the few places I can read and write without getting severe motion sickness.

Read the article on The Wire:

Inside Amtrak’s (Absolutely Awesome) Plan to Give Free Rides to Writers.

One Response to "Possible Free Rides for Writers on Amtrak"

  1. Chris  March 20, 2014 at 7:33 am

    Great idea!!!

    I think When the trip is finally over and the writer disembarks from the train, something amazing often happens, and is usually expressed this way: “Where the heck am I?” The writer finds himself either with a surprising new ending to the novel or in an altogether new story.


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