Playwriting Workshop

Every writer should have a play in their body of work.

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Playwriting Workshop

Some guy named Shakespeare wrote “The play’s the thing” and we couldn’t agree more.  Writing theatre is primarily about three things:  emotion, truth, and dialogue.  If any or all of those frighten you, then you have come to the RIGHT place!

Every writer should have a play in their body of work, because:

– They exercise unique writing muscles
– They are producible
– TV Networks often want to see “original” (a.k.a. non-TV) material as specs
– They are fun to write

To ensure you get the most out of this playwriting workshop, we have created the best of both worlds:  one-on-one attention within a group setting.

We’ll start off with a private consultation -– why do you want to be a playwright, what are your goals (big-picture as well as immediate), what will you be bringing with you Week 1?  An idea?  A character?  An outline?  A scene?  An act?  A completed play?  There is no wrong answer.  Every writer’s process is different, every writer’s needs are different, and by keeping the group small all can be accommodated.

Plays take time.  Like buildings, they require strong foundations or else are liable to crumble.  Crumbling bad.  Will you have a completed play after eight weeks?  That depends on you.  If you bring in a play that is substantially finished, yes. If you want to write a one-act, which is usually about fifty percent of a full-length play, probably.  If you are starting with nothing, no.  But the beauty of this potentially ongoing system is that we can get you started now, you can complete your play on your own and then come back into another group to workshop and polish it.  “Grad school,” you might say.

And if you complete a play while the workshop is in session, we’ll bring in actors to read it -– hearing dialogue read by pros is the best way to start the revisions process.  And we can even discuss how you can get your play onstage with producers and directors who have been there.

It all starts with an intention.

Who Can Register?

Anyone working on a stage play or who has a stage play they’d to revise.