Pens and Comments – Got a Spare 100k?

Because I do stuff like this, I decided to search on Amazon for a new pen to make myself feel better while I spew post-election vitriol (the more to cut you with, my dear). I decided to Sort by Price, Highest to Lowest, and here is what I found. Great deals for those of you who have a spare 50-100k lying around because after all, the shipping is free!

The best part about these pens, though: THE REVIEWS on the Montegrappa’s and the Krone. Enjoy.

Montegrappa My Guardian Angel Gold Broad Point Fountain Pen


Montegrappa Chaos Special Limited Edition Gold Broad Point Fountain Pen – ISCHN5GC


Laban Diamond Totality Fountain Pen 3736 diamonds 16.812 carats

Montegrappa Pele Heritage Soccer World Cup Gold Medium Point Fountain Pen



Krone Pink Stingray – Pink Diamonds Limited Edition Fountain Pen Broad

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