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As writers, we think it’s important to stay up on writing-related news, both locally and nationally. From time-to-time, we’ll send you some articles of interest to writers that you may have missed throughout the week. Over the weekend, we recommend that you cozy up and read a few. Find out what’s going on in the lovely world of words Enjoy!

Interesting Articles You Might Have Missed

Information for WritersTen Great Opening Lines In Literature

This article lists what they believe are some great opening lines.  What are some of your favorites?  Ever tried writing one of your own?  Read the article

The Pulitzer Prize goes to…

2014’s Pulitzer Prize for Fiction has been awarded to Donna Tartt, for her latest novel, The Goldfinch.  Read the article

10 Terms to Help You Better Understand Poetry 

Poetry is meant to inspire readers and listeners, and to connect them more deeply to themselves, but many people feel put off by the terms of poetry, its odd vocabulary, its notorious difficulty. Check out these 10 key terms that can enlarge your understanding of poetry.  Read the article 

Self-publishing vs. Traditional: Some Straight Talk

Thinking of self-publishing, but don’t know all the facts? Check out this blog post from a writer who knows the ropes.  Read the article

This Week’s Bestsellers

The LA Times’ Bestseller list is always an interesting place to find your next selection and perhaps your next source of inspiration for your own project.   Read the article

What Film Teachers Writers About Editing (article no longer exists)

According to Dell Smith, “a movie is a novel turned inside out”. Here are his thoughts on how we can use movie editing techniques to edit our written work.   Read the article

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