One-Day Creative Writing Workshop

This one-day creative writing workshop focuses on creating new material using writing prompts. This workshop is a fun and effective creative jump-start. Writers can also workshop current projects and get supportive, constructive critique from a qualified group leader and from fellow attendees. This is also a great way to get a taste of our multiple-week writers groups. This workshop is open to writers of all genres and levels – it works for everyone!

  • Leave the group with new stories and story idea
  • Reignite your passion for writing
  • Connect with other writers in your area
  • Experiment with different voices, different genres


MORNING: The morning will consist of several improvisational writing exercises where you will get into that creative flow and create new work and have an opportunity to read what you wrote.

LUNCH: Then we will break for lunch. To keep costs low, we ask that you bring your own sack lunch.

AFTERNOON: After lunch, we will workshop material you bring in for critique. The goal here is to help you elevate your creative writing piece to its best possible version.

What to bring

  • A pen and notebook
  • A sack lunch
  • Your passion for writing
  • No laptops, please

If you are bringing in something for critique, please bring copies in proper manuscript format, no more than 1500 words or your first act of a stage play or the first 30 pages (first act) of your screenplay. This one-day creative writing seminar is not suitable for people wanting feedback on a chapter of a novel.

Who Can Join?

Anyone interested in creative writing.


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