News in Writing & Publishing You Might Have Missed This Week


News in Writing & Publishing You Might Have Missed This Week

Why We Absolutely Need To Care More About Library Funding
Kevin O’Kelly says, “libraries and the institutions associated with them are predictable and convenient targets for anyone taking an axe to a government budget,” and this is why we should be concerned.
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2 Books Every Novelist Should Read Annually
Jennifer Blanchard says without two key books, she wouldn’t be a novelist or a writing coach. Check out her thoughts on the importance writers reading books that touch their core.
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Clutter vs. Keepers: 5 Writing Books You’ll Never Let Go Of
After trying to whittle down her book collection, Blanchard gives us a list of books she believes we should never get get rid of.
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Author of fake Holocaust memoir ordered to return
$22.5m to publisher
This has been big news this week in the creative nonfiction world: Misha Defonseca, whose book claims she was raised in hiding by wolves, must give back damages she had won from publisher.
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‘We Sweat, Crave, and Itch All Day’: Why Writing About Bodies Is Vital
The Empathy Exams author Leslie Jamison felt ashamed of writing about the physical form until a Virginia Woolf essay vindicated her interest in the fluids and muscles that make us human.
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An Interview with Roxane Gay
A brief interview with Roxane Gay, whose first novel An Untamed State, was published this week, discusses language, literature, and a handful of Proustian personality questions.
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Roxane Gay’s, An Untamed State, is receiving big reviews

Check out the first two chapters of the novel for free!
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How Many of These Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novels Have you Read?
If there were a Pulitzer Prize for reading Pulitzer Prize winners would you be a finalist?

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