Writing Workshop – Miracle Mile / Koreatown – Los Angeles

The Writing Workshop – Miracle Mile has ended. Please check out our writing workshops schedule page for currently scheduled workshops or join our mailing list

Our Writing Workshop – Miracle Mile / Koreatown is one of our newer groups. Our writing workshops are a unique combination of writers groups, creative writing workshops, and writing critique groups. This group is also a very convenient group from a public transportation standpoint as it is in very short walking distance from the Wilshire / Normandie LA Metro Station.

Writers of all skill levels and genres join our groups for the constructive, supportive critique of their current writing projects in a safe environment from a qualified group leader and from fellow group members. Our guided critique process has firm rules established by years of experience that helps keep the critique both constructive and supportive. Critique should help elevate your writing and get you excited about the possibilities, not leave you feeling dejected and discouraged.

Our groups can reignite your passion for writing, let you connect with other writers in your area, help you create new stories through improvisational creative writing exercises designed to open up your creativity and elevate your writing. You will generate new ideas every week through the writing prompts that also encourage you to experiment with different voices and genres.