Line-by-Line Critique

I love this column by Janice Hardy where she takes a piece of a writer’s work and critiques it on her blog. She gives us a glimpse into how editors read and critique fiction – sentence by sentence. For me, it validates how I evaluate a writer’s work, and it helps me analyze my writing after I knock out the first draft. Never let this kind of critique stop you or slow down the process of generating your first draft, but read her sentence-by-sentence analysis. Her blog posts will make you a stronger (re)writer.

Critique By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy Real Life Diagnostics is a weekly column that studies a snippet of a work in progress for specific issues. Readers are encouraged to send in work with questions, and I diagnose it on the site.

Source: Real Life Diagnostics: Would You Read On in This YA Fantasy?

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