Life Coach for Writers

Life coach for writers

As a life coach for writers, I’ve been working with writers for more than 15 years, helping them understand creative blocks so they can move past them, and helping them to create a successful writing habit.  Like Julia Cameron says, I help writers, “accumulate pages, not judgments.”

Why use a life coach for writers, specifically, instead of a general life coach?  I’ve been through the ups and downs with many writers and have helped them work through the many mistaken assumptions that many aspiring creative writers don’t even know they are making.  Because of this, I know how to help you avoid these mistakes and point you in the direction of creative productivity.

Who should work with a Life Coach for Writers?  

Writers who:

  • want to work on a project and would like some accountability and guidance
  • want to improve their writing habits
  • want to overcome creative blocks
  • learn why you don’t need to wait for inspiration
  • get help with establishing and reaching goals
  • overcome unreasonable expectations
  • need help creative brainstorming
  • want help fixing structural and character development issues
  • want help understanding next steps
  • need help finding professionals (editors, proofreaders, etc.)

Get a free 20-minute phone conference to talk about your needs and determine if a life coach for writers is the right option for you.  We work in person (in Los Angeles), by phone, or Zoom. 

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