An Easy Way to Read our Blog Posts


An Easy Way to Read Our Blog Posts

(And what the heck is RSS?)

Most blogs have an RSS feed, which is a technology that populates blog posts to other places. You can use a piece of software called a blog reader or RSS feed reader to pull in posts from the various blogs you like. This means, instead of you having to individually go to each blog you read, all your favorite blogs will be in one place, and are easily accessible through a single website or software you download to your computer. The blog reader program we like to use is called Feedly, because it also has a smartphone app, so you can read your blogs on the go.  If you already have an RSS feed reader you can subscribe to our blog here.

Our Blog RSS Feed

We are focusing more on posting information to our blog and to our social media outlets instead of emailing out certain announcements.  In addition to giving you updates on our latest workshops and classes, our blog posts will communicate writing-related opportunities including people looking to hire writers, calls for submissions, local literary events, and company news.  You can check out our posts here.

How to Get Our Blog Posts by Email

We also have a way that you can get our blog posts emailed to you the day we post them.  All you have to do is sign up in the fields just below this paragraph and type in your first name and email address.  Once you do that, you will get our blog posts emailed to you the day we post them to our blog.

We’d love to hear your feedback, so leave us a comment if you see something you like, attend something we’ve listed, or would like to see something in particular.

Get our blog posts by email here.

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